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About Us

Northshore Boatworks Ltd. was established on January 1, 2003 by Jim Pollock and Peter Southall. Conceived over the past years while pursuing boat repair and refurbishing as a part time endeavor, the company is the manifestation of a pursuit of passion. A passion that is embodied in their broader enthusiasm for boating in general. Jim and Peter have both spent a considerable portion of their lives on the water as avid racers with most of that time based in Bronte Harbour. And now this location houses a business that has been really been considered home for many years.

Since opening, Northshore has been steadily demonstrating its ability to service the marine industry as a repair and refurbish facility. We have run the gamut from many smaller jobs of varying to descriptions to a complete refit of a C&C 43 which took 2 and a half years and 6000 hours ( Which has been described in more detail on this site ). And we feel we have been interested in working with owners in trying to find solutions that make sense financially and conceptually. And as we look forward to our future, we continue to see ourselves meeting the needs of the boating community as we have demonstrated up to now.

So please, contact Jim or Peter today to discuss your boat project needs and we will be glad to assist you in transforming your ideas to reality and your problems to solutions.

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